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Flexible yet Easy to use Online PC monitoring program

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Now if you want to determine what other external users are typing on your computer, Keylogger is the best choice! Free key logger software records every keyboard typing activities in hidden mode when you are not physically being present there.
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Do you need to know what your employees are doing on computer during office time? Enhanced Keylogger software is powerful pc surveillance utility that facilitates company managers to check employees online or offline pc activities including typed text in word processing documents, internet browsers, online chat conversation, check personal emails etc and whether they waste their time in watching movies and playing games during working hours.
Is your children misuse internet facilities and you want to know are they studying, working and surfing on net when you are away from Home? Highly efficient parental control pc monitoring software allows parents to catch their children online chat details, website titles they type and visit regularly and internet searches on all major search engine including Google, Yahoo, MSN etc with facilitates user to display current and last login session with total typed keys. Free key logger software useful for any organization as well home user with provides advanced key features including-
* Generate log report of login user in text or html file formats and send later at specified email address
* Fully password protected that restricts unauthorized user to view log and change software configuration settings
* Facilitates hot keys and run command settings to unhide software when running in stealth mode
* Works in hidden mode and is not recognized in system start up, add-remove program, program lists and even hides installation folder path
* Capable to record chat room activities of user, clipboard contents, internet usage along with USB insertion or removal activities
Mac key logger software captures all active picture screenshots at regular interval of time in surveillance mode.
OS X monitoring software records every system and internet activities performed on mac osx and captures screenshots details for visual evidence.
Keylogger free utility supports all major versions of Windows OS including Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003 etc.
About Author:
www.keylogger.in is world leading appreciated company website that offers pc surveillance utility to fulfill customer requirements for monitoring every pc activities in their absence.
Contact Details:
Company Name: Keylogger
Email: dmoil697@yahoo.ca
Website: http://www.keylogger.in

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